8 Things Not to Do in Your Quest to Buy a House

From applying for a new credit card to changing your job, there are plenty of things you definitely shouldn't do when you're on the cusp of buying your dream house.

Today's infographic warns that just because you've been pre-approved to purchase a house and that your future dream is under contract, doesn't mean you can rest on your laurels.

Now is the time to make smarter decisions to avoid delays in the buying process or the risk of the sale falling through altogether. Thankfully, by following the advice below, you de-risk the process and increase the likelihood of moving in your new home much sooner.

Here the eight things not to do when purchasing a house:

1) Don't apply for a new credit card.

2) Don't buy a new car.

3) Don't go furnish the home before you own it.

4) Avoid changing jobs.

5) Don't close any credit accounts.

6) Don't get behind on payments.

7) Don't spend your savings.

8) Don't move money without a paper trail.

what not to do when buying a house infographic
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