House Prices - What Will $250k Buy You Around the World?

According to today's infographic, the average house in the United States and the United Kingdom is listed at around $250k, or £230k.

Unsurprisingly, you'll get a lot less bang for your buck in the cities of Europe and the United States, with $250k stretching to only the equivalent of a small one-bedroom in Berlin, London, and Washington DC.

Your budget will be even more constrained in Paris though, where you'd only be able to buy the equivalent of half of one of the city's one-bedroom apartments.

Don't be too depressed, though. The infographic shows that you can still purchase a decent-sized property in some of the more glamorous locations throughout the world.

A three-bedroom villa in Rome, Italy, for example? Where do we sign?

You can also stretch to decent-sized properties in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, too. Although Canberra, Ottawa, and Wellington aren't the most desirable cities in their respective countries, the quality of life offered from having more living space, excellent cuisine, good public transport links, and rich culture is very attractive.

Check out the full infographic for more information.


Source: Vivid Doors
an infographic comparing what kinds of properties you can get around the world for $250k
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