Gaming and Artificial Intelligence

Think that most of the break-through innovations in gaming happen in PC or console games?

Think again.

As the infographic below shows, mobile gaming is a massive business. So big, in fact, that 2019's top-grossing game in the App store (Clash of Clans) was earning a frankly ridiculous $1.54 million per day. Crazy.

It shouldn't come as a surprise though, what with 25% of people expected to be active mobile gamers by 2021. Not only that but mobile games engagement grows by ten per cent year-on-year.

In a bid to keep players entertained, game developers are reinvesting their profits to incorporate newer, flashier forms of artificial intelligence to keep their games as fun to play and immersive as possible.

And, while you may think that AI is a relatively new thing, it's been in gaming since the beginning.

Pacman, for example, used pathfinding to plot the shortest route between two points, while newer releases like Red Dead Redemption 2 have built on pathfinding to make the travel characteristics on non-playable characters (NPC's) as human and realistic as possible.

Noting this relatively rapid growth in gaming AI, we can't wait to see how things develop in this coming decade.

Find out everything you need to know about gaming AI in the infographic below.


an infographic about gaming and artificial intelligence
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